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February 21, 2007


Paul Bartlett

Yet another coincidence - I'm a big fan of the show as well, though I don't get a choice as Noreen Kershaw (who plays Phyllis) is my wife's cousin. Glad you can get it out there, though, and sorry we didn't manage to chat at all in Aamby Valley.

Mark Allerton

Hi Paul - shame we didn't meed up, indeed.

Usenet & BitTorrent are your friends, when it comes to keeping up with British TV from over here - shows like Top Gear & Life On Mars are on alt.binaries.multimedia within a day of showing.

I do have to wonder about the wisdom of a second series of LoM when they could have very satisfyingly wrapped it up at the end of S1, but so far S2 has been good and I am "granting trust" for now.

Account Deleted

Wasn't WT&S the show that launched Bernard Manning on his stellar career? In which case there's not really anything else one can say.

Mind you, having typed "launched Bernard Manning" I'm having thoughts of trebuchets, which - while not a pretty mental image - is certainly a cheery one.

Mark Allerton

Well, BM certainly had a starring role. Like I said, a dark age...

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