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March 20, 2005



So now Mark, why is it "rather unfashionable" to write in Java? Seems like a perfectly good programming language to me. Educate me, please. I make my living writing C++ (alas, on Windows) and it seems to me Java beats hell out of that for 90% of real-world uses.

Of course due to the Windows shackles in my professional life, I have no basis for comparison with Objective-C or Python or such.

shackles (as in "shackle") n. : a restraint that confines or restricts freedom (especially something used to tie down or restrain a prisoner)

How appropriate.

P.S. This little tool is (conceptually, at least) an answer to my (unfocused) prayers. Hopefully it will both increase my breadth of reading and decrease my feelings of guilt from the huge backlog.


Rob: the "unfashionable" comment was really a dig at advocates of Python, Ruby* or whatever this week's Language Of The Week is, rather than a dig at Java. I wrote this in Java because it's what I find easiest and probably do best, even though I spent most of the last year writing C++. Plus, the Java tools I have at my disposal (IntelliJ in particular) are just awesome.

(* I have rather liked Ruby, when I've tried it, but switching language always has a context switching overhead, especially to new-ish languages, and this was supposed to be a quick hack.)

Dan Ridley

Stupid question: how does this differ from a smart list set for "read status is not read," and limited to 100 items? Does a smart list pick items in order, where this randomizes them?


Dan: that's a good question and one I did ask myself. NNW doesn't let you set any kind of ordering by which the 100 would be selected, and the ordering it does do is not clear. If I create such a smart list, I get items from only four feeds (though one of them is my "shuffle" feed) which is clearly not what I want.

I ended up creating this exactly because I went to the smart list dialog wanting to create "100 unread selected by random" just like I would do in iTunes. Like I said in the post, this would not be a hard feature to bake directly into NNW - almost all of the UI is there.


Well, I finally got around to trying to install this this weekend, but can't get it to work. In NNW error log it says:
2005-03-26 08:47:16 -0500: Parse error for FeedShuffle: The XML parser could not parse the RSS data because the data was incomplete. Script file path: /Users/robb/Library/Application Support/NetNewsWire/Special Feeds/FeedShuffle/FeedShuffle

However, when I run FeedShuffle directly from the Terminal I get perfectly well formed looking XML to me.

Any thoughts?

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