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Hi. Thanks for reading. My name is Mark Allerton. I'm originally from London, England, and these days I live in Vancouver, Canada. I started this blog as somewhere to write about things that interest me. I used to do this on places like CIX a long time ago, as well as on usenet and the Acid-Jazz mailing list, and now weblogging is medium of choice for this. Plus, all the cool kids have a weblog, right?
BTW, if you remember CIX, I was known as "pascal" there.

I work as a software architect, so perhaps unsurprisingly I am a bit of a geek and I'm interested in technology - Macintosh, Java, "social software", wireless, that kind of thing.

I called this blog Bike Trouble because amongst other outdoor pursuits I am into mountain biking (Vancouver's North Shore is pretty much the epicentre of "freeride" mountain biking) and I was getting a reputation amongst my riding buddies for having pretty bad luck with bikes. I would break things that no-one breaks, had a bike stolen, broke the new bike on the first ride. I even had some problems with speedbumps. So I thought I would have plenty more amusing stories about how things had gone wrong with my bike. However, my luck improved which was good for my wallet and not so good for my weblog idea, so I just write about whatever occurs to me - which turns out to be not so bike related as it used to be.

(photo courtesy of Kris Krug.)


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